I love Key West.

I chose to live here 11 years ago and plan to do so for the rest of my life.

I love Key West’s rich heritage and its diverse history.

But, as much as I revere the past, I trust the dawning future more.

I believe that the best days for our island community are ahead. That what has already been is merely a prelude to an even more promising future.

But that future will not be without its challenges and its trials as well as its possibilities and its rewards.

How we meet those challenges, how we respond to those trials will decide if we can expand on those possibilities and reap those rewards.

If we continue to be a city with leadership that only reacts to problems, we diminish our possibilities.

On the other hand, if we are a city with leadership that works together to shape the possibilities in the direction of our shared vision and values, the desired future can be ours.

I am running for Mayor of Key West because I want to help provide leadership that will call on the best in each person in Key West.

I want to do more than simply meet needs long overdue – I want to move us forward in a responsible way (financially, environmentally, developmentally, socially) so that others in our state, across our nation, and around the world will point to Key West and say “See what they have done! If they can do that, we can too!”

I am running now because I do not believe we have time to wait to begin creating our future. Thoughtful, respectful visioning of a future that we want as a community needs to start now!

It needs to start with a vision of the role of Mayor which is based on the central values of Justice, Equity, and Compassion, coupled with the principles of Respect and Transparency. Below you can read more about what these values and principles mean to me.

I believe my qualifications coupled with the deep desires and the outstanding talents of the citizens of Key West will mean the beginning of a new era for us all, an era history will record as one of Key West’s best and most creative.

Mine is a campaign not simply about my election as Mayor, but about our selection as a community of the future we desire.

Together, you and I, we can do that. I will respect each and every one of you who are committed to that task, and I ask you to give me your vote so together we can make a difference worth celebrating.

Randy Becker


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