I live by some very basic values and live out those values by some simple principles:

I value:

  • the inherent worth and dignity of every individual
  • the importance of the common good as a basis for community
  • the principles of democracy respecting one person, one vote
  • justice, equity, and compassion in all relationships
  • honesty and transparency as the foundation for trust in elected leaders
  • the power of vision to help “we, the people” to create a better future.

My principles:

  • to be a consensus builder, empowering citizens and Commissioners to strive for their best efforts
  • to be a Mayor who puts principles over personalities, and vision over expediency
  • to make decisions based on facts not fears, on reality not rumors, on need not threat
  • to be a Mayor who encourages open and civil discussion of all issues
  • to be a Mayor who recognizes that the energy of our people is a greater asset than finances
  • in all things, personal and public, look for the best in people and the possible in situations
  • recognize that all civic achievement is the achievement of the whole community, not just officials

Therefore, I will:

  • hold regular public meetings, in addition to Commission meetings, to receive the ideas, suggestions, and comments of our residents
  • work to ensure that the Commission has ample time to consider matters which come before it:
    • create monthly workshop sessions during which, in a less formal manner than a legislative session, the Commission can thoroughly discuss items on up-coming agendas and make requests for such information as would be needed for an informed vote
    • in general, refuse to take up any agenda items which have not had a chance to be considered in a Workshop session
    • increase the number of meetings, if necessary so there is ample time for each item to be thoughtfully addressed
  • share all information which I have about affairs of the city (within limits of confidentiality) with all the Commissioners and the public
    • encourage the Commissioners to do the same, so that all information about an issue is commonly known before the meeting at which it will be acted upon
  • serve as the Chair of the Commission, facilitating the work of the Commissioners more than advocating for any personal agenda
    • use my extensive knowledge of Parliamentary Procedure to aid the Commission in doing its work, not impede it
    • implement such technological changes as will assist in open, fair discussion
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